The WFSGI Project to Fight Online Intellectual Property Infringements, in partnership with Convey, successfully continues, now involving 43 Brands

The WFSGI continues to collaborate closely with company Convey to combat online IPR infringements. 43 WFSGI brands, including the bicycle and the sports apparel sectors, are currently involved in this program. This WFSGI Online Anti-Counterfeit project covers all the internet environments on a worldwide scale: the web/domain names, the social media/networks, the online marketplaces/e-commerce platforms, and the mobile applications. Since the onset of the partnership, more than 169.000 counterfeit offerings have been taken down, around 15.000 shops/websites/accounts have been closed, and more than 268.000 sales have been blocked, corresponding to a turnover of around 10 million euros (status: October 2015).

Additionally, the LC members are presently working on a contact database which will put together trusty and recommended worldwide IPR specialists/investigators. The intention is to be able to get in touch rapidly with the right person on the ground when counterfeits or any other IPR infringements are detected somewhere around the globe.

Source: “Magazine – Official Publication of the world federation of the sporting goods industry”.

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