Il ‘MAGAZINE 2017” annuncia il blocco di 520.000 inserzioni contraffattive, per un controvalore pari a 16 milioni di Euro, al 31 Marzo 2016……

Estratto del comunicato del “Legal Committee” di WFSGI (the world federation of the sporting goods industry) in merito ai risultati conseguiti da CONVEY nell’ambito delle attività di “Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection” su n. 47 marchi dello sport aderenti all’Associazione mondiale (vedi pag. 60)

WFSGI Online Brand Abuse & Anti-Counterfeit Project

The specialist company Convey is successfully pursuing its objectives by assisting WFSGI members to remove online brand abuses. Currently, 47 WFSGI brands are participating in this program, representing 62 percent from the bicycle industry and 38 percent from the generic sports footwear and apparel sector (including soccer, rugby and other sponsored teams). Specifically through this partnership, more than 265,000 counterfeit offerings/links/images have been taken down, about 37,000 shops/websites/accounts have been closed, and more than 520,000 sales have been blocked, corresponding to a turnover of approximately EUR 16 million (facts and figures as at March 31, 2016).

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