Report of the internet brand compliance

The “Internet brand compliance” is the new area of management and control of the brands in the virtual market of a network of selective distribution that involves Brand Manager, Commercial Directors, Marketing and Legal Affairs.

The priority objectives of an analysis of the Internet compliance usually are:

  • The knowledge of the compliance of use of these trademarks in regards to the corporate policies (organizational/business) by the authorized dealers;
  • The knowledge of the unauthorized use of the Brand by third parties not (or no longer) belonging to the authorized dealers  and/or residents in different countries;
  • The knowledge of the co-presence of the company/companies brand/brands with other trademarks of competitors.

Some of the problems mentioned can lead to the need to deepen, always on the Internet, typical situations of the “parallel market / gray market “ and the eventual  contamination of this with the official channels.

Based on the latest methodological and technological innovations in the area of “Internet brand intelligence” and on applied specific experience acquired  from prestigious brands, the services of “Brand compliance” of Convey provide the elaboration  of customized reports containing the identification and the analysis of peculiar technical/economical aspects related to subjects of a particular market/territory (e.g. in Italy) presented in the Network, active in the sales of particular products/services, with detailed documentation of the different and the relevant aspects encountered.