Detection of clusters of website counterfeiters

If  the counterfeit of a trademark is detected on the pages of a website in hundreds/thousands of cases – both for purposes related to fake products, or for the illegal presence of a trademark in the “Domain Name”(NaD) – before deciding for enforcement actions, it is essential to understand what is the real situation to be faced.

In particular sectors (fashion, luxury, sports apparel, pharmacy, software, etc..), the counterfeiting on the web is in fact an “industrial” activity, highly sophisticated, adopting all the strategies of the multinational enterprise: diversification of end markets and the range of trademarks proposed, research of the economies of scale,  adoption of solutions to minimize risk, etc.

On the basis of a superficial analysis, the illegal use of trademarks assumes varied configurations, apparently attributable to a myriad of subjects difficult to detect, ready to be reborn if not hit at the right target.

The service of Convey has the ability to emerge the existence of sets (clusters) consisting of multiple websites related to the same organization, identifying and extracting from the same technical, computing, commercial, demographic and  look&feel information as well as demonstrating, among these contents, the existence of recurrent “patterns”, even if they are hidden ones.