Report on the counterfeiting on the Internet

The service of “Internet brand intelligence”  generates strategic/operating reports on the presence of counterfeiting of trademarks and products and is based on sophisticated technologies of crawling, able to acquire content from any type of open source.

The acquisition of the contents could be total or a sample: in the latter case particular methods of research are adopted to get the best representation of the content to be analyzed, taking also into account the typical behaviour of those who surf the Internet.

In the e-Commerce, on the major platforms worldwide, the Report includes the precise quantitative and economic enhancement of the existing insertions and its articulation by the product family.

For the Trade Associations, Consortia or Public Administration, the Reports on counterfeiting can also be made at “Multi-Brand” level with the elaboration of metrics and Key Performance Indicators” (KPI) of the Sector/Industry.

The Report on counterfeiting is normally followed by a program of interventions of the “Internet brand protection” aiming at eliminating abuses of the identified brand/product.