Enforcement of the brand on platforms of e-Commerce

The large platforms of e-Commerce B2B and B2C (especially the Chinese and the Far East ones) are the engine of the global counterfeiting on the Internet, fuelling even the counterfeiting on the minor websites.

Based on the results of the Internet intelligence phase (see “Report on the counterfeiting of brand”) – that provides the precise, quantitative and economic enhancement of the existing insertions by product family and identifies counterfeitinsertions with higher sales volumes – Convey, on behalf of the Brand Owner, activates a systematic plan of administrative enforcement (non-judicial), using and relying on the administrative regulations adopted by the same e-Commerce Platforms with regards to the protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs – Intellectual Property Rights).

The methodology of Convey involves the creation of a “complaint-dossier”, detailed about each type of counterfeit identified, the systematic transmission of these dossiers to the Platform in order to obtain from one side the de-listing of the counterfeit insertions, the closure of the e-shop offenders and on the other hand, the monitoring of the obedience of the regulations of IPRs by the same Platforms.

With the service of “enforcement of the brand on platforms of e-commerce” a precise reporting of all the activities performed and the productivity/efficiency of the enforcement  are also provided.