Enforcement of the trademark in the Domain Name

When the trademark owner gets to know of abuses in the Domain Name, or a “Report on the counterfeiting of brand” produced by Convey brings out multiple infringements of trademark even in the “Domain Name” and the latter using specific TLD – Top Level Domains (for example the gTLDs including. com,. net. org,. info, etc..), such illegal uses should be countered by activating the appropriate administrative procedures of “enforcement” (the so-called UDRP – Uniform Domain-Name Dispute -Resolution Policy) addressed to specific international entities entrusted with the aim of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) benefiting from the low cost and the short time of execution of these procedures.

In the presence of myriads of counterfeiting  websites, the service of enforcement on the NAD provided by Convey makes use of the relevant value added to the service “detection of clusters of websites counterfeiters” able to find and to demonstrate amongst the analyzed contents the presence of “pattern” i.e. of evidence/recurring elements, even the hidden ones.

In  the methodology of Convey, each “cluster” to fight with, hence becomes a “dossier” (administrative) of a UDRP procedure, with the advantages of reducing the costs, increasing the chances of success of the protection activities  and multiplying the deterrent effect on the counterfeiters.