Interventions of ‘web ecology & cleaning’

For the downstream output of the service “Internet brand intelligence” (IBI) – that generates strategic/operating reports on the presence of counterfeit trademarks and products (see: “Report on the counterfeiting of brand” ) Convey has developed a comprehensive range of concrete actions for “enforcement” in administrative/technical way (non-judicial ), able to solve at low cost and for a short period of time, specific issues of abuse/counterfeiting of the Brand on the web with an increase of complexity and intensity of function of the situations and needs: a real strategy of “cleansing” of the web.

The action plan includes actions of formal warning notice issued to the managers of the counterfeiter websites (cease & desist letters to registrant) or to the web service provider (cease & desist letters to registrar); application procedure – to the search engines – for de-indexation from their archives of contents that violate the Copyrights (under the DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act); application procedures for obscuring of websites to prevent access to such counterfeit/illegal contents on the Italian territory (Measures AGCM – Authority guarantor of the competitions and the Market).

In parallel with the actions mentioned, Convey can activate specific alternative interventions of technical and computing nature, designed to worsen the ranking of counterfeit pages from the indexes of the search engines, identifying and eliminating the parasite links that the counterfeiters create by spamming and hijacking, hidden on websites of innocent third party operators (backward link crawling & deleting).